P.P. "West-Pol Ruta" Maria i Wojciech Ruta was found on 11 February 1991.
Our main activity is production of cables with plugs for low current adapters. We operate plugs (type: Jack, DC USB-A, USB-B, USB-C, USB Micro and other untypical) on cables from 2x0,22 to  1x1,75mm in black or white color. Plug’s size, cable’s length  and other colors for client’s wish too.

We produce plastic shield at the end of the plug that enables to bend the cable  for flat and round cables in black color. Other colors to agree.

We also make connectors in various configurations on plugs: EURO, BNC, CHINCH, D-SUB (9,12 PIN), RJ-11, 12, 45 on many strings round, flat cables, conveyor belts after the client’s pattern on client’s or our own material.

The service activity: we make other injunctions, for example: soldering printed circuits from client’s elements.  




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